VHF & UHF tv stations

Callsign Ch. # Owner Launch
DWGT-TV TV-4 People's Television Network, Inc. February 2, 1974 (frequency used by ABS-CBN from 1969–72)
DWET-TV TV-5 TV5 Network, Inc.
Currently broadcasting: TV5
June 19, 1960/February 21, 1992/August 8, 2008
DZBB-TV TV-7 GMA Network, Inc.
Currently branded as: GMA Network
October 29, 1961
DZKB-TV TV-9 Radio Philippines Network and Nine Media Corporation
Currently broadcasting: CNN Philippines
October 15, 1969 (frequency used by CBN, now ABS-CBN from 1958–69)
DZOE-TV TV-11 ZOE Broadcasting Network
Currently broadcasting: A2Z Channel 11
April 13, 1998 (frequency used by MBC from 1962–72)
DZTV-TV TV-13 Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation March 1, 1960
DWCP-TV TV-21 Southern Broadcasting Network and Solar Entertainment Corporation
Currently broadcasting: ETC
May 30, 1992
DWAC-TV TV-23 ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation and AMCARA Broadcasting Network
Formerly branded as: Studio 23
October 12, 1996 (frequency used by EEC (formerly Philippine provider of MTV Asia/Channel V) from 1992 to 1996 and formerly branded as ABS-CBN Sports + Action/S+A from 2014 to 2020)
DZEC-TV TV-25 Eagle Broadcasting Corporation
Formerly broadcasting: Net 25
July 27, 1999
DWDB-TV TV-27 GMA Network, Inc.
Currently Broadcasting: GTV
August 25, 1995/June 4, 2019 (formerly branded as Citynet Television from 1995 to 1999, Entertainment Music Channel in 1999 and Channel [V Philippines] from 1999 to 2001)
DZRJ-TV TV-29 Rajah Broadcasting Network and Solar Entertainment Corporation
Formerly branded as: RJTV 29/2nd Avenue
May 3, 1993
DWKC-TV TV-31 Broadcast Enterprises and Affiliated Media
Currently broadcasting: BEAM TV
October 31, 1993/July 3, 2011
DZOZ-TV TV-33 ZOE Broadcasting Network
Formerly branded as: Light Network
May 1, 2006
DWDE-TV TV-35 Delta Broadcasting System
Currently broadcasting: DBS-TV
DWAO-TV TV-37 Progressive Broadcasting Corporation
Currently broadcasting: UNTV
January 1, 1999 (formerly NUTV Channel 37 from 1999 until 2002)
DWBP-TV TV-39 Sonshine Media Network International January 8, 2006
DWNB-TV TV-41 Nation Broadcasting Corporation and TV5 Network, Inc.
Currently broadcasting: One Sports
January 1, 2001/February 21, 2011 (formerly MTV PhilippinesAksyonTV and 5 Plus)
DWVN-TV TV-45 Gateway UHF Broadcasting
Currently broadcasting: 3ABN International & Hope Channel Philippines
June 1, 2001
DZCE-TV TV-48 Christian Era Broadcasting Service International
Currently broadcasting: INC TV
July 21, 2005/October 31, 2012 (on TV-49/681.25 MHz; shifted to current channel in 2017 to allow full-time simulcast with its digital signal)